Prevention and Outreach Education

We all can work together to prevent sexual violence by promoting healthy and positive relationships that are based on respect, safety, and equality.  Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to end sexual violence through social change, advocacy, education, and training.

SAVE of Essex County's team of educators provide prevention and outreach services throughout the county by visiting middle school, high schools, colleges, churches and synagogues, and community-based organizations to educate adolescents and adults about sexual violence risks and prevention. Workshops topics include, but are not limited to:  healthy relationships,  sexual violence on college campuses, consent, teen dating, bystander intervention, sexual harassment, internet safety, and sexting.

Sexual violence prevention education programs and awareness campaigns are necessary to help reduce the prevalence of incidences of sexual violence in our county.


Current Prevention and Awareness Campaigns

Essex County Says NO MORE is a coordinated public awareness campaign seeking to unite Essex County in standing up and speaking out against sexual and domestic violence. The campaign follows the national NO MORE model, which created a unifying symbol to express support for ending domestic and sexual violence. Join the movement and stand with us by saying NO More to sexual and domestic violence.


The Prevent to SAVE Coalition is comprised of community leaders and educators working together to promote awareness that sexual violence among teens is a major health concern in Essex County.  Prevent to SAVE is working with middle school, high schools, colleges, churches, and community-based organizations implement safe/healthy dating relationships curriculums and programs that target teens. Prevent to SAVE  works with businesses, corporations, and foundations to support the work of the coalition and help implement actionable and result driven campaigns.

For more information about our prevention and educational programs, please call 973-746-0800 or  e-mail